Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (2014-18)

The department of Mechanical Engineering at the AHALIA School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad was formed in the year 2012 along with the start of the institution. The Mechanical Engineering department provides an outstanding academic environment complimented by excellence in teaching. The department offers B.Tech degree. The department has a comprehensive syllabus on topics covering all the aspects of production, manufacturing, thermal, fluid mechanics and Design. The department also emphasizes on practical learning. The course structure includes courses on Computer aided machining and manufacturing to equip our students with the latest developments in the field of production and manufacturing.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering will create professionals with sound technical knowledge and innovative approaches, and are competent to pursue diverse and successful careers.


• To nurture students with moral and ethical values so as to excel in academics and innovative research activities that meet the industrial and societal challenges.
• To motivate staff and students for creative thinking, thereby enriching the teaching-learning experience.

Programme Educational Objectives

Graduates will have a foundation in engineering and technology to use appropriate theory, mathematics and computational technology to analyze and solve problems encountered in the applications of mechanical systems design and manufacturing.

Graduates will apply the highest professional and ethical standards to their activities in the mechanical and manufacturing industry. Engage in applications oriented design, manufacturing, and management of mechanical systems, including computer aided design and manufacturing, and all the technical and economic variables affecting production.

Graduates will be prepared to join a technically sophisticated workforce as successful professionals in a wide range of mechanical engineering and related fields as effective collaborators and innovators, leading in efforts to address social, technical and business challenges.

Graduates will engage in life-long learning and professional development though self-study, continuing education or graduate and professional studies in engineering.

Programme Outcomes

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data and report skills.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design a system or process to meet desired needs within applied constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, safety, manufacturability and sustainability.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to use the techniques, skills, and engineering tools necessary for practicing in mechanical engineering field.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to function effectively as an individual and in a group as a leader or as an effective team member.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to understand the impact of engineering on society with the knowledge of contemporary issues

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in verbal and writing.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability in practicing with professional and ethical responsibilities.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge acquired in software related to mechanical engineering to meet the specifications and requirements with economy at reduced lead time.

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate, and solve mechanical engineering problems.

Graduates will demonstrate self education along with lifelong learning for continual improvement.

Basic Mechanical Engineering Workshop

Basic Mechanical Engineering Workshop

Basic Mechanical Engineering Workshop consists of the Carpentry, Fitting, Sheet metal, Foundry, Smithy section and Welding section. It caters to the requisites of the Engineering Practices Laboratory as per the Syllabus and curriculum of First year B.Tech. Students practice Carpentry, Welding, Sheet metal, Foundry, Fitting, Smithy exercises in the workshop. The workshop is also used for fabrication of projects by the students for their Mini Project work ensued in the 6th Semester, B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering course and also for the fabrication of Project works ensued in the 8th Semester, B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering course.

Lab In-charge: Mr.Dhanesh S(AP/ME)

Production Engineering Lab

Production Engineering Lab

Production Engineering lab is set up in a vast environment with abundant workspace to provide the students with practical knowledge in basic machining processes. Equipments include latest Engine lathe, Capstan lathe, Turret lathe, shaping, universal and vertical milling, slotting, Radial drilling, Cylindrical grinding and surface grinding machines. The practical classes provide opportunity for students to visualize making of essential engineering components with these machines and help students understand the method of operating the machines safely and responsibly. This lab is equipped with latest CNC Machine two axis lathe for students to learn CNC programming and practice.

Lab In-charge: Mr. Sumanlal M (AP/ME)

Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal Lab consists of equipment like Diesel engine, petrol engine, Red wood viscometer, Forced conversion system, Calorimeter, Air compressor, blower, refrigeration system, Flash and fire point testing machine etc. Students gain practical knowledge about how automobile engines work and conduct various experiments on fuels. They make use of this laboratory for their final year project work in the department.

Lab In-charge: Mr. Anoop P (AP/ME)

Fluids Lab

Fluids Lab

Lab is equipped with turbines like Pelton wheel, Francis, Gear pump, Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Hydraulic Ram, Metacentric height testing apparatus, application of Bernoullis theorem help students study and understand the behavior of fluids and principles of fluid flow. Lab is well equipped with sufficient supply of water to carry out various experiments

Lab In-charge: Mr. Subin B Markose (AP/ME)

Design and Analysis Lab

Design and Analysis Lab

Design and Analysis Lab is established in the department with latest design packages including Siemens Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS, Autodesk AutoCAD to make students familiar with Industry standards in Product Design and Development, helping in their final year project work and also aiding Faculty Research.

Lab In-charge: Mr. Dheeraj P (AP/ME)

Internal Combustion Engine Lab

Internal Combustion Engine Lab

IC Engines Lab provide students a good environment to understand some very important concepts and applications in the field of IC engines. These fundamentals will be used to link the phenomenological processes taking place in the engine for issues of power generation, emissions and environmental impact, fuel economy and fuel composition effects on engine operation and mechanical limitations of obtaining ideal performance. This laboratory consists of 4 Cylinder 4-stroke Ambassador diesel engine for academic and training purposes.

Lab In-charge: Mr. Prashob K (AP/ME)

Metallurgy Lab

Metallurgy Lab

Metallurgy lab is equipped with fine optical microscope, polishing machines, specimen preparation furnace which are used for microstructure, grain size and alloy structure analysis and for fine polishing of surfaces. Students understand their theoretical knowledge of materials technology. The students are encouraged to prepare the specimen material and study the microstructure of various ferrous and non ferrous metals. The heat treatment and wear test facilities are used by the students for their academic and project works

Lab In-charge: Mr. Vivek Gopi (AP/ME)

Instrumentation lab

Instrumentation lab

This lab enables students to be familiar with the concepts of measurement. Students are trained to handle different measurement instruments like Planimeter, Strain gauges, Slip gauges etc. The importance of dimensions in the industry and a close study of accuracy during manufacturing and machining various mechanical components. The major equipments include, Roughness Measuring Instruments, Pressure Measuring & Calibration System, Non-Contact Temperature Measuring Instrument, Digital Stroboscope, Apparatus for Calibration of Thermocouple, Apparatus for Calibration of Rotameter.

Lab In-charge: Mr. Anil M (AP/ME)

Students Representatives


Abhijith V

First year


Afsal G

Second Year


Sreejith S

Third Year


Venkatesh Raksha

Fourth year

Students Toppers


Vishnu P R

Second Year


Sreejith S

Third Year


Gopinath K

Fourth Year

Achievements Of Students

Calicut University Rank holders (2013-2017 Batch)

Department of Mechanical Engineering congratulates 2013-2017 batch rank holders for securing university rank positions.


Praveen C

Rank: 48


Sajin R

Rank: 51


Vishnu P Kumar

Rank: 60

Calicut University Rank holders (2012-2016 Batch)

Department of Mechanical Engineering congratulates 2012-2016 batch rank holders for securing university rank positions.


Ramakrishnan P A

Rank: 22


Ashik Raj

Rank: 42


Sarath K R

Rank: 50

Best Projects

First prize: Design and fabrication of oil skimmer robot, done by Arun P Bitto Thomas, Mohammed Shareef A, Sailesh A, Sajin R, Sujith M, Vibin V & Vishnu Prakash G guided by Mr.Vivek Gopi AP/Mech.

Second Prize: Design and fabrication of wind pump, done by Aneesh G Arif Khan S, Arjun S A, Mohammed Suhail S, Sachin V, Sharot U T Sravan R, V Ashwin guided by Mr.Anil AP/Mech .

Third Prize: Fabrication of Integrated solar peltier air conditioner, done by Felix K F, Mohammed Yunus K, Mubarak K, Muhammed Salim T, Sobin S, T.S.Vishnu Narayan, Varundas M guided by Mr.Shinu AP/Mech.

Sarath V.M. and Sivaprasad of IV year Mechanical Engineering batch has won,

First place in Paper presentation on Low Cost MR Fluid Clutch System at Nehru College (NSITE),Pampady, Kerala.

Second place in Paper presentation on Low Cost MR Fluid Clutch System at Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Technology (RITU), Kottayam, Kerala

First place in Paper presentation on Low Cost MR Fluid Clutch System at Amrita University, Ettimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

First place in Paper presentation on Low Cost MR Fluid Clutch System at Al Ameen College of Engineering, Lakkadi, Kerala.

Sarath V.M. and Sivaprasad of IV year Mechanical Engineering batch has published a paper on

Low Cost MR Fluid Clutch System in International Journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering & Technology.

Arun Jacob V, Sarath K.R, Nikhil Jolly of IV Year Mechanical Engineering batch has won

First place with Cash Award in Paper presentation on Numerical Study and Analysis of Shear Thickening Fluid used in Body Armor at Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Guest Lecture on Quality Function Deployment

Department of Mechanical Engineering had organized a guest lecture on Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for the Mechanical engineering students of 7th and 5th semester on 14 November 2018 at Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology. The Speaker for the lecture was Dr. Pramod V R, who is presently working as a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, NSS college of Engineering, Palakkad. He is a dual PhD holder, specialized in Quality Engineering and Management over the past 7 years. Prof. Prakash D, HoD, Department of Mechanical Engineering felicitated and introduced the speaker and the topic of the lecture to the students. In his lecture Dr. Pramod V R discussed the history of the QFD, Processes of QFD and Benefits of QFD. He also explained the types of tools that are used in QFD with example of successful QFD implementation.

He also introduced the participants to many exclusive examples and challenges in the applications of QFD with explaining his own experiences. As per him, QFD does not design to replace the existing organization design process by any means, but rather support the organization’s design process. And it also helps bring the customer’s voice into the production process to reduce the unnecessary cost. The session was concluded with vote of Thanks by Mr. Vishnu, of S5 ME

Inauguration of Mechanical Engineering Association – ARME

The association day celebrations stated with an inauguration ceremony. The dignitaries were welcomed by the Association Secretary, Vijaykrishnan P of S7 Mechanical Engineering. The event was inaugurated by the Principal of ASET Dr.B G Vishnuram. Followed by inauguration speech of Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor, Assistant Director Academics AHHKV. He emphasized the importance of creating a better environment and motivated the students to improve their innovative thinking as a Mechanical Engineer which would build a better future for the development of the country. Prof. Prakash D, Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering motivated students by his thoughtful speech. The inauguration ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by Adith Kiran of S3 Mechanical Engineering. Inauguration was followed by various events, Morning Session (11 am) Auto Quiz – An event based on recent trends in automobile engineering Afternoon session (1:30 pm onwards)
1. Seminar on Working and Control of Quadcopter
2. Motivational speech on “Striving to make students skillful leaders” by Mr. Prasad P.C, Founder and Self Brand Trainer, Flow Quality Foundation, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram.
3. Exhibition on the timeline of the Legend Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Five Days Internship Training Program on Automobile Engineering at KVTI, Coimbatore

Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted a 5 day summer internship training program on Automobile Training at Karivarathan Vocational Training Institute, Coimbatore from July 9th to 13th, 2018. The program had a preliminary class at ASET on 9th of July on basics of Automobile Engineering conducted by our staff Mr.Sumanlal S and Mr. Anil M, Assistant Professors. 31 students had an excellent opportunity to open the doorway towards the extensive field of Automobile Engineering in one of the renowned institutions of automobile training.

Staff coordinators: Mr.Sathish Kumar R K and Mr. Prashob K (Assistant Professors/ME)

Program outcomes:

Hands on training on Dismantling and Re assembling of,

Maruti Gypsy engine
TATA heavy vehicle gearbox
Royal Enfield Classic 350cc engine
Bajaj Chetak Scooter Engine
GM Opel Astra Car Engine
Front mounted front wheel drive transmission system

Program beneficiary:

Students of S5 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Association Seminar-Design Engineering Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering Association conducted a Seminar on Design Engineering Opportunities in association with CMAS Technologies on 16.1.17 for S8 Mechanical Engineering students. Mr.Sajid T S, Asst. Operation Manager. The program devised customised animation training modules that squarely meet the demand of the industry. It embarked upon a massive initiative to upgrade the skills and knowledge of students through numerous skill-enhancement programmes that go beyond mere familiarity with various software. They also expressed their extent of support in career guidance field of migration consulting for Australia.

Staff coordinators: Mr.Sumanlal M and Mr. Shinu V (Assistant Professors/ME)

Resource person: Mr.Sajid T S, Asst. Operation Manager, CMAS Technologies, Ernakulam Kerala.

Program outcomes:

Building careers in,
CNC programming
CAD development
Die engineering
CNC machine trouble shooting
Live simulation software servicing of FMS

Program beneficiary:

Students of S8 Mechanical Engineering

All about GATE Exam

The Association of Royal Mechanical Engineering (ARME) conducted a session on All about Gate on 10th February 2016. The primary objective of the session was to provide an exposure for 3rd year mechanical engineering students about the infinite possibilities of GATE exam, for doing master degree as well as for jobs. Mr. LIJU , co-founder, Focus gate academy took up the session. The session comprised of introduction to the gate exam and the information regarding the valuation of the same. The session was very informative and the feedback from the students was excellent.

Re-Ignite A Tribute to The Missile Man of India

The Association of Royal Mechanical Engineering (ARME) has conducted a one day event RE-IGNITE on 17th August 2015. The program was about Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam as a tribute to The Missile Man of India. A Portrait exhibition on Life of KalamJi organized by the students of mechanical engineering department was unique and heart touching.

Best projects of Mechanical Engineering: 2014-2018 Batch

Geo Cooling System

Done by: Abhinav Suresh, Akhil R, Akshay P.S., Mohd. Subhan Khan, Thejus S,
Guided by Mr.Sumanlal M, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Design and Fabrication of Vaporized Fuel System,

Done by: Arun M Asokan, Irshad E, Pranath G Krishna, Pranav P and Shameer M.A
Guided by Mr. Dhanesh S, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Fabrication and Analysis of Two Wheeler Fuel Kit

Done by: Abhijith M, Jishnoop J, Jishnu V, Ajith B, Jaisal KV
Guided by Mr. Subin B Markose, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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